Charles Darwin University sees an improved conception at first cycle with Multimin.

About the Katherine Rural Campus

The trial site is the Katherine Rural Campus, Charles Darwin University (CDU), 16 km north of Katherine. The property is managed by Jessica Di Pasquale, Alison Haines and Noah Taylor.

Jessica is part of the Agriculture and Rural Operations Team which operates a Brahman Stud and Brahman / cross bred commercial herd at the Charles Darwin University’s Katherine Rural Campus, a training facility with an onsite farm and stud, specialising in preparing students for employment in the North Australian Pastoral or Agricultural environment.

Charles Darwin University’s Treatment Program

Non pregnant, adult cows will be assigned one of two treatments at random. They will be weighed and given Multimin (according to body weight) or no Multimin (control) a month before bulls are introduced for joining in November 2018. Allocation to groups is to be done so that there are the same range of cattle weights and similar numbers of 1st and 2nd breeders.

  • Group A (80 head) will remain untreated with Multimin and act as the controls.
  • Group B (80 head) will be treated with Multimin

In March 2019, all trial animals will be preg-tested. Data collection will be able to determine which treatment was given to the cow and its pregnancy status.

Parameters to be measured are pregnancy status, age of foetus and weight of animals.

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