Renee Drysdale



Renee Drysdale operates part of the family farm in Ruffy Victoria. She is currently running, 800 first cross ewes, 150 maiden ewes (bred on another family property and weaned onto the Ruffy property) and carries over prime lambs from weaning off both properties for reaching various markets specifications depending on the season.

Renee is using Multimin plus copper for the first time for the 2020 joining, giving the rams a shot in early September, and in late September Renee needled all the Maiden ewes, first lambers and finished the pack on some older ewes. These ewes are all running together for joining in late October. This year Renee has a separate mob of bought-in ewes that have not been treated (due to timing in relation to arrival and joining ) and will be used for comparison as a control group.

Renee hopes that the Multimin will improve conception rates on her maiden ewes, in previous years conception has been a struggle with this age group even when other ideal parameters are met, in relation to maturity/weight/age, Renee also hopes that giving the first lambers a shot will help with early conception as a portion of these ewes were purchased during joining 2019, and lambed a little behind the main flock (4 weeks behind).

Renee will join for 7 weeks (rams out early Dec), all rams are kept off-farm until joining, and she allocated\s the first two weeks of joining as “Ram effect weeks” which has worked very well in previous years with a small selection of ewes joining in the first two weeks, and then getting the bulk of lambs in weeks 3/4/5 and has a small tail end week 6 and near no lambs born in the 7th week.

Pregtesting will occur late January with twins and singles marked out.




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