Ryan lifts conception rate in cows from 85% to 92%.

Ryan Willing, Beef Producer, WA

In Ryan’s words:

We often have issues with Copper and Selenium in the Esperance region as the sand plain that makes up most of the area does not hold nutrients well. This can effect fertility, weight gain and overall health of our livestock. So, we were eager to test the difference in fertility, conception rates and productivity through the use of Multimin 4 in 1 trace mineral injection.

With the guidance of Multimin mentor Dr Enoch Bergman, we ran a trial on our cows to see what effect Multimin may have on their fertility, conception rate and productivity.

In Enoch’s words:

It is critical that calving aligns with optimal seasonal pasture availability, in order to maximize calf weaning weights, breeder’s lifetime fertility and the producer’s ability to capitalize on market opportunities. Our intervention doesn’t stop with choosing the best mating date, we must actively ensure that each breeding animal is given the best chance to fall pregnant each time she cycles. Cows which fall pregnant early in the mating program go on to calve earlier, and are therefore better prepared for their next mating, not only increasing their longevity within the production system, but also the weaned weight of their calves. Adequate micromineral levels are a key prerequisite to the optimisation of both the body condition score and plane of nutrition of each breeder, paramount to achieving the goal of a short fast calving season.

For most of my clients, integrating a rapid trace mineral top up of zinc, manganese, selenium, cobalt and copper at weaning and again prior to mating will improve reproductive outcomes, as well as contributing to growth, a functioning immune system, and greater disease resilience, all leading to improved future fertility prospects.

Not only do appropriate levels of microminerals improve conception and the retention of pregnancies, the unborn calf’s micromineral reserves are set up in utero, contributed from its mother’s reserves. Setting the mother up properly helps to set up the next generation.

It was really exciting to see obvious pigment changes in Ryan’s cattle when comparing the treated with the non-treated animals within the same management group. This really highlights the value of controlled studies. It was also great to measure fertility differences as well.

Ryan’s animal health program

Fertility, conception rate & productivity

As part of the trial we split our cows into two groups, in order to compare improvements in conception rates and timings. Group 1 was treated with HyB12 + Cydectin Long Acting Injection, and group 2 with Multimin + HyB12 + Cydectin Long Acting Injection. Cows were treated in early June, four weeks prior to joining. They were then be preg-tested five weeks after joining, in order to measure both conception rates and time of conception – both important markers of fertility and herd profitability.

Early results indicated strong results for those cows treated with Multimin. Even though our herd relied heavily on supplementary feeding the previous winter, the Multimin treated cows looked particularly good. Before I started using Multimin, my yearlings used to look brown and shaggy by the end of winter – but they were keeping their shiny black coats, which is the first sign of good health.

When preg-tested in October 2018, we saw above 90% conception in both groups, with the Multimin-treated animals slightly ahead.

“In 2017, treatment of Multimin four weeks from joining lifted the average conception rate in my cows from 85% to 92% with a 9-week joining period. I also saw weight gains in my steers by using a combination of Multimin and Cydectin Long Acting Injection as previous results have shown 1 kg/day average from weaning to spring sale.”

We've had a fantastic 70mm in the last few days here, should kick the pastures and crops into gear nicely for spring….

Posted by Ryan Willing on Monday, August 6, 2018


Giving the bulls their pre mating treatments with Elisha Willing. #multiminchallenge mentored by Enoch BergmanVirbac Australia Primary Producer

Posted by Ryan Willing on Thursday, May 3, 2018

#multiminchallenge update! It's been a very busy fortnight here for myself and Elisha with a late break to the season, seeding has coincided with AI, calf marking and a lot of hay feeding. During calf marking of the 1st calvers I started the Multimin challenge trial worked out between myself and my mentor Enoch Bergman. The trial is comparing these cows treated with Multimin against a control portion of the herd to show the difference in pre mating weight gain, conception rate and conception timing. We can measure this in a few different ways:1. Cows are weighted now (4 weeks from joining) and will be weighed again at mating to measure weight gain.2. Cows will be preg tested 5 weeks after joining to measure over all conception rate and thanks to Enoch's skills time of conception. There are a total of 300 cows in the trial with 1/3 being the control group, selected at random and recorded at the time of weighing. All cows are getting an Arrest backline for lice, Cydectin injection for internal parasites and a HYB12 injection then the trial group is getting a shot of Multimin. Follow the Virbac Australia Primary Producer Facebook page to keep up to date with all of the Multimin challengers across Australia.

Posted by Ryan Willing on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Posted by Ryan Willing on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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